Patient information Series ACL Rehabilitation Protocol

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Patient information Series ACL Rehabilitation Protocol

The following is your expected progress of your recovery after ACL reconstruction:

Hospitalization: 2 days

Bed rest: Only for one day, on the day of surgery. From the second day of surgery, you will be able to go to the toilet with the support of a knee brace and a walking aid.

Up & About in the house: For two weeks after surgery you will be required

to be in the house. You will be able to walk inside the house with a knee brace and a walking aid.

Brace: Your leg will be in a knee brace(leg immobilizer), from the middle of the  thigh to just above the ankle, for the first two weeks. This long brace will be used only while walking, and not while you are in bed. You will be able to  walk with a small brace with hinges, in which you can bend your knee, from third week onwards. This small brace will be needed for about 6-8 weeks.

Out of house for sitting job: From 3rd week with the help of a hinged knee


Car driving: After 4 weeks.

Normal stair climbing: In about 6 weeks.

Field work: After 6 weeks.

Jogging: After 3 months

Running: After 4 months.

Light sports: After 6 months.

Unrestricted sports: After 1 year.

Rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction involves a progressive exercise program. We will teach you the exercises on your post- op visits as per the stage of rehabilitation. You would need to do these exercises at home, yourself for 3-6 months depending on your requirements. Most patients do well with home therapy program, some need closer supervision by frequently visiting our therapist.

The following are the expected goals of recovery:

  1. To get the knee completely straight (not even slightly bent) – About 1 week
  2. To reduce knee swelling – 2 weeks, sometime aspiration of fluid from the knee may be needed to reduce the swelling.
  3. To achieve knee bending – Upto 90 degrees in 3 weeks, and full in 6-8 weeks.
  4. To build up the muscles around the knee joint – Takes upto 6 months to 1 year

Schedule of visits for Surgeon’s consultation

1st visit: Approx. 5 days after surgery, for dressing change.

2nd visit: 2weeks after surgery, for stitch removal

3rd visit: 4 weeks after surgery, monitor exercises.

4th visit: 6 weeks after surgery, monitor progress.

5th visit: 3 months after surgery.

5th visit onwards Follow-up every 3 months is recommended till 1 year post surgery.

Schedule of visits for Therapy

One visit before surgery for assessment and to understand the rehabilitation protocol. After surgery it is advisable that the therapy be done under supervision 3 times per week for the first six weeks, and then once in a week for the next six weeks.

Please note: The above information presents an approximate picture of recovery after surgery. Exact progress varies from patient to patient.

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